Accountable Leadership Board

2021 Board Members

Rich Manwiller - Leadership Board Chair

Stu Betts - Trustees

Adam Brooks - Trustees Chair

John Dykema - Finance

Barb Franken - Finance

Leah Gaworek - Communications Chair
Paul Hudson - SPRC

John Ireland - Trustees

David Kalas - Pastor

Connie Mortonson - Finance Chair

Judy  Patefield - Communications

Ruth Wiersma -  Lay Leader; SPRC; Communications
When there is a property matter, the entire Leadership Board functions as a Board of Trustees. And when there is a financial matter, the entire Leadership Board functions as a Finance Committee. Within the Board, however, we designate individuals to specific areas of immediate oversight and expertise in order to guarantee that all the business of the church is properly cared for. Ongoing financial administration is the responsibility of the Pastor and staff. There are separate Staff-Parish Relations and Nominations committees with board members on them.


Board meeting minutes and other communications will be shared with the church family membership via regular email means and regular church newsletters sent via U.S. Post Office.  In addition, the church family is encouraged to direct individual questions to any of the Board members.