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Join us for worship on Sunday at 8:45 AM.
All are welcome!

We welcome you to First Church

From small groups to virtual meetups, Sunday School to serving our community,
we have several opportunities for people to gather together in community weekly,
encouraging one another closer to a life devoted to Christ.
Join your church family in diving into God’s Word
this year and making 2024 the year of the Bible!

This Week @ First

Give in gratitude for God's blessings...

From the Garden of Eden on, the Bible reveals our role and our purpose. We are stewards. Everything we have comes from God, and He entrusts the things He has made and given to our care.

True Christian stewardship, therefore, is about far more than just giving to the church. It is a wise and godly management of every gift of God for His purposes. Giving is just one part of that. But it is rightly the first part, for the biblical standard is that we offer to God our first and our best.

It is time for the friends and members of First Church to complete our pledge cards for 2024. On the surface, of course, these cards are about our giving. Yet, in the big picture, we recognize that they are really just one part of our larger stewardship.

You can obtain a pledge card from the church, which you may fill out and return. Or you can complete an online pledge form, which will go directly to our Financial Manager. You may also communicate your pledge by phone (920) 437-9252. Whatever we do, let it be done in love!

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